Unfinished Chronicle

Documents party achievements and allegiances


Allies and Enemies

Aspis Consortium

Attitude: Unfriendly

Current Prestige: 0/0

-1 Refusal of Dargan Etters offer
-2 Allied with the Pathfinder Society

Church of Sarenrae

Attitude: Friendly

Current Prestige: 2/2

+2 Party contains an Oracle of Sarenrae

The Eagle Knights

Attitude: Friendly

Current Prestige: 1/2

+1 Saving the life of the Andoran ambassador
+1 Busting up the Grallus Lock slaving operations

Free Captains of the Shackles

Attitude: Indifferent

Current Prestige: 1/1

+1 Saving Aerys Mavato from the Shiv

The Green Faith

Attitude: Friendly

Mae’Lok has the rank of Ovate

Current Prestige: 4/4

+1 Earning the Favour of Aycenia
+1 Passing the test of Wind and Waves
+2 Removing both Curses on the village of Nandi

Ivory Cross Mercenary Guild

Attitude: Indifferent

Current Prestige: 0/0

Pathfinder Society

Attitude: Helpful

Current Prestige: 1/8

+2 Bringing the Pathfinder Society Yarzoths Notes
+1 Learning the Fate of the Nightvoice
+1 Saving Gelik Aberwhinge from the Shiv
+1 Joining the Pathfinder Society Expedition
+1 Saving the Pathfinder Hostages
+1 Securing the Orb of Azul
+1 Retrieving the stolen maps of Saventh-Yhi
-2 Arranging Transport to Crowns landing and three weeks provisions

Red Mantis Assassins Guild

Attitude: Unfriendly

Current Prestige: 0/0

-2 Foiled the assassination attempt of the Andoran Ambassador

Sargavan Government

Attitude: Friendly

Current Prestige: 5/5

+2 Ending Civil Unrest in Eleder
+1 Forming an Alliance with the Pathfinder Society
+1 Destroying a Nest of Giant ants near Nelson
+1 Foiling Estranth Macini’s plot to take over Freehold


Achievement feats

Jatemban Chant
+2 Concentration checks

> Jask, Tavar, Malachios, Kren, Yaseen

Sea Dog
Adds Perception, Proffesion: Sailor, Knowledge: Geography or Survival to class skills.

>Ishirou, Tavar, Malachios, Kren , Yaseen

Ambush Tactics
+2 Initiative when enemy is unaware

>Sasha, Tavar, Malachios, Kren, Yaseen, Apollo, Pezock

Canny Bargainer
+2 on diplomacy checks to change the attitude of merchants

>Gelik, Tavar, Malachios, Kren, Yaseen, Apollo

Malaria Resistance
+2 on Fortitude saves vs Malaria, this bonus is only +1 vs magickal or rare strains of the disease.

> Tavar, Malachios, Kren, Yaseen, Apollo, Mae’Lok, Darren, Lamiel

Spirit Totema
Animals of your totem type typically treat you with indifference instead if hostility, providing no other forces are at work.

>Tavar = Chipekwe
>Malachios = Rhino
>Yaseem = Horse
>Kren = Baboon
>Apollo = Vulture
>Nkechi = Crab
>Mae’Lok = Saurian
>Darren = Leopard

Awakened Totema
+4 bonus on one of your Spirit animals associated skills. You may change this by communing with your spirit animal at the start of each new day.


Unfinished Chronicle

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