Loot Vault

Documents party wealth and noteable loot


Party Wealth

Malachios Valeros:
18.4 gp (100gp x3)

848.8 gp

Tavar the Wanderer:
3 gp (100gp x10)

Yaseen Abdul-Hayat:
67 gp (1000gp Bank Note x3, 100gp x7 Bank Note)


Party Loot

Current Party inventory (including loot) is listed here:

I’ll update the spreadsheet during our sessions and get to updating this page when I have the chance. If you don’t spot something here right away, it should be found on the google document, so check there. If you think I missed something, please let me know right away. To paraphrase one of James’ favorite GM sayings (of which he has many >.>) “If I don’t know about it ahead of time, it doesn’t exist within the world.” It’d be much less problematic to spend a minute double checking important loot you might end up needing desperately than getting attacked by ogre-pygmies only to find that the +3 claymore of Ogre-pygmy Decapitation we looted last session got lost in the mix and, what do ya know, you can’t use it this session, right?

But onto the important stuff: the booty.

Current party inventory:

Expedition Pavilion
Rope of Climbing

1x hooded lanturn
10x litres lamp oil
Locket: A locket discovered on the body of the Foreman of the Fzumi Salt mine (picture of a man, a wife, and a girl)

Magic Monkey head (Zenj Spirit Fetish)
10x antiplague
Amulet Ivory carving of a lion (command word: Regulus, +1 Natural Armor, Mal wears it, no duration)

Loot Vault

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