A Pathfinder rpg campaign with Team Pisces Digiti…

One Lost city. Five expeditions. The race is on.

“Whoever claims Saventh-Yhi will control the destiny of this land.”
-Nkechi the Tempest, Druid of New Krane

“The ‘pillars of light’ will reveal the way home, these are the words of your late scholar. These ‘pillars’, whatever they are, are supposed to be in Tazion: the last outpost of Azlant.”
-Wikus van der Waal, Pathfinder Scribe

“This place of which you speak, I have heard tell of it on my travels. The locals avoid it. They say it is the domain of the Demon apes, and that all who approach it are never seen again.”
-Darren ‘Muxu’ Mac’dara Conallan, Jungle guide

“You thought the jungles of the Shiv were tough? Pah! Where yer going the trees blot out the sun, the humidity saturates yer very soul and theres scarcely a day that goes by without something diseased or poisonous feasting on your flesh. And you can just forget about having a good nights sleep. They don’t call it the Screaming jungle fer nuthin.”
-Amivor Glaur, Pathfinder Field Agent

“First trip upriver huh? Pray its not your last.”
-Henric Marlowe, Captain of the Korir Queen

River dinosaur

Chapter 2 - Racing to Ruin

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