Expedition Pavilion

Tracks status of the expeditions to Saventh-Yhi


Kalabuto – 23rd Arodatus 4711 AR

Expedition Ledger

9th day of Arodatus:

Group consisting of Kren, Malachios, Yaseen, Mae’Lok and Tavar left Eleder, acting as a trailblazer group ahead of the main expedition.

The group made the roundezvous with their guide Darren on the edge of Lord Nelsons lands.

As a favor to Major Havilar, the group agreed to deal with an infestation of Giant ants near the village of Nelson. In gratitute, the lords Senescal puts them up for the night as guests in the lords manor.

The ant queen was killed, and the nest was destroyed in short order. Evidence found in the nest suggests the ants were attracted by a Gnome Alchemist’s attempts to repel them, using their own pheromones.

10th-12th day of Arodatus:

After restocking some supplies at Lord Nelson’s estate, the party continued towards Kalabuto. However this time of year is Ankeg breeding season, and the party was set upon on the road.
After defeating the Ankeg ambush, the party continued and found the handiwork of another party in the area, called ‘the blues boys’.

After spending some time with the blues boys, the party continued on its way, but as they skirted the edges of the dense jungle canopies, they were beset by unusual hyena hybrids.

13th day of Arodatus:

After an eventful night, the party set off again along the road. However a mature Roc ambushed the group, and made off with a pack mule.
Naturally wanting to avoid this enormous threat, the party took a detour into an abandoned salt mine.
After a brief investigation, the group had found that the mine had been abandoned for quite some time, and the mining operation had met a both abrupt, and unexpected end.
A short way into the mine, the party discovered a dessicated corpse underneath a pile of rock salt.
The corpse however, came to life as soon as it was dug up, and attacked Yaseem, attempting to drain the water from his body…

As the group identified the threat as a variant of Wight, they carefully made their way through the abandoned mine. Fighting off wights in a series of ambushes, the group encountered a desiccated Canary that was animated by the dark magicks at work and spoke to them (warning! Containment has been breached, protective measures are in effect). Eventually the group came accross an underground lake, and used purification magicks to stock up on their water. After seeing off another ambush by water bloated salt wights, the group decided to explore the glowing blue passage to the left.

Exploration of the passage, revealed that the tunneling efforts of the miners had broken through a 3-dimensional arcane seal and exposed the miners to the effects of powerful artifact. After defeating a Cairn Wight, the group identified the artifact as ‘The Orb of Azul’. A legendary cursed item that turns places in arid wastelands by destroying water. Though direct exposure nearly killed many of the group, they managed to contain the energies inside Krens bag of holding.

Whilst spending an hour rehydrating with some juryrigged saline solution, Darren wandered off to explore a side passage. He found a crate of 15 year old aged dynamite, and not recognizing the danger decided to bring it back to group. He made it halfway down the passage before Mal warned him to ‘drop it’, the impact causing the box of Dynamite to Detonate and blow Darren to pieces.

Disorientated and shocked, the group made it past another collapsed tunnel and past a thick dwarven door from the previous mine owners. It warned that the site contained traces of ‘Necromantic energies’ (go figure). Having shaved several days off their journey but having lost their guide and new friend to the Fzumi mine, the group made camp for the night.

14th day of Arodatus:

The party came accross a merchant caravan before dusk and decided to accompany them as far as Freehold. They met the Lady Lamiel, and took the opportunity to stock up on supplies and engage in some gambling.

15th day of Arodatus:
After a brief rest, the caravan set off again, encountering a destroyed caravan along the road being picked at by Geire (dire vultures). The vultures and destroyed caravan caused the party caravan to stop, and the group set upon scattering the vultures.
After a brief investigation, the vultures were intoxicated on a whiteish substance, which upon investigation, turned out to be Pesh: the consumed animals were literal drug mules bound for Eleder.

16th day of Arodatus
The group arrived in Freehold and stocked up on supplies. After getting a request from the mayor to deal with a troublesome Bantu Ogre named Madimu, the group began to suspect foul play. The increased monster activity, the illness of Lady Macini and the suspicious behaviour her nephew, the acting mayor. Lead the group to investigate, plus their new ally, to sneak into and explore the Macini household on the ranch. Utilising the bards magic, Ta’var infiltrated the ranch and located a strange idol emitting a strange aura of conjuration magic.

Ta’var took this strange idol back to his companions and they identified it as a monster lure, possibly explaining the increased monster activity in the Ntele gap. They destroyed it shortly afterwards. Now worrying for the fate of the old Lady Macini. The group drugged the guards then incapacitated the major by dropping Ose’Kaa on him. They found lady Macini behind a locked door, drugged and suffering from Oil of Taggit poisoning. After curing her and taking evidence of this misdeed to the local serving priest. The group skipped town ahead of an angry mob drummed up in desperation by the Mayor. Their new companion, the lady Lamiel, invited herself along. To only a small objection by Malachios.

17th day of Arodatus

Uneventful day of travel.
In the night Yaseen was plagued by dreams of strange things laughing in the dark. The group was awoken to find themselves surrounded by multiple packs of Hyenas. Though Yaseen tried to scare then away, his flames only amused them. For the first time, Yaseen felt a strange kinship with the creatures, who left him ‘gifts’ of mangled monkey, meercat and dog meat.

18th Day of Arodatus

The group awoke to find Mae’lok conversing with a Vulture. He informed them that the nearby village of Nandi was suffering from two curses and its shaman had sent messengers out to other followers of the old ways for assistance. Ta’var and Yaseen sided with Mae’lok in wanting to help, so the group made their way to the nearby village to see what they could do to help.

The village was found to be suffering from a vicious outbreak of malaria and plagued by a pair of Chemosits in the area. Having suspected both to be caused by dark magicks, and confirming that a person matching Jigeke’s description had recently caused a disturbance and been cast out of town. With her apprentices slain by Chemosits and her own powers taxed to their limit treating the sick, the local shaman got over her initial distrust and accepted the outsiders help.

By following the trail of the deaths and magic signatures, the group traced the disease to an Acheri Fetish hidden in the rafters of the first victims home. In typical fashion, Malachios destroyed the fetish. Only for the Malevolent plague spirit inhabiting it to take up residence in his own body. When Mae’lok returned from consulting with the shaman, he managed to remove the Acheri’s curse from Mal but not before he was driven into near delirium by fever.

The group then tracked the Chemosits into the nearby jungle. After a few hours, the group was startled by the creatures fearsome roars before they ambushed them from their hiding places in the treetops. After a difficult fight in which Yaseen was injured badly, the group slew the creatures and followed their tracks back to their trophy cave to confirm the fate of those taken by the monsters and retrieve their possessions.

Upon returning to the village. Mae’lok revealed his intent to stay and learn more of the old ways. Replacing the shamans lost apprentices and helping the illahe get back on it’s feet. The people of Nandi and Mae’lok wished the group well on their travels, and said that if ever they were in need of their help again. They need only ask.

19th Day of Arodatus

Saddened by the loss of another comrade, the group reaches the end of the Ntele gap and prepares to cross the Mneri plains. After consulting Kren’s map, they are worried by the lack of land marks. But Lamiel, who has made the trip before, states that it should take just over a weeks travel. But they estimate that their liberal usage of endure elements and Lamiels pace increasing performance magic, that they can get to Kalabuto within 5 days. Assuming they don’t get lost that is.

The 1st days trek was largely uneventful, with no other signs of life on the sunbaked savannah save the occasional circling vulture and  inquisitive plains rats. With plains in all directions and only a few sporadic rocks and copses of trees for landmarks, the group has no choice but to navigate entirely by Kren’s compass.

Late in the afternoon as the group grew weary, they failed to spot a plains rat burrow in time before one of the mules stepped in it. Breaking its foreleg. Lacking the magic’s of their animal loving allies, the group had to physically restrain the injured animal while Yaseen healed it’s limb.

They made camp shortly after on the edge of a copse of baobab trees. Unable to find his campfire bead (it would later turn up inside Lamiels spare silken panties), Yaseen and Mal set out to gather firewood and extract water from the thick trunked trees. During their forage, they came across a group of Mneri antelope. Felling one with a lucky javelin, Mal then cooked a modified venison stew for the group: who found it a welcome change from giant ant jerky.

After using a dosage each of the tribal medicine, those still afflicted with malaria managed to shrug off the disease but at the cost of terrible dreams that night as their fevers broke. As an Elf, Lamiel was spared the nightmares but the disease took a great strain on her health. At one point she even wandered away from the main camp after Tavar dosed off, lost in a strange delusion. When later he found, she claimed she had met a strange one horned antelope buck in the forest. When Tavar found her weeping in a clearing within long grass, she berated him for scaring her new friend off. At which point, Tavar dosed her with one of Krens sleeping draughts and made sure that she slept through her fever.

20th Day of Arodatus

After a late start, the weary travelers packed up their camp and continued on their journey. On the other side of the copse of trees, they found something strange in the place where Ta’var had found a feverish Lamiel. Patches of long vibrant grass growing amongst the drought parched foliage and sunbaked earth. The group followed the patches west for a while and noted that as the patches became smaller an more distinct, they seemed to be shaped and ordered into what looked like large antelope tracks. As Lamiel recounted seeing the strange one horned antelope last night, Yaseen suggests that it might have been an Abada. An elusive creature of Mwangi myth that is similar to the unicorn of Elven myth, save that new life follows in it’s footsteps. Ta’var takes this as a sign that Shimye-Magalla favors their journey (and Lamiel in particular) and when the group realise they have no chance of catching it, they decide to press on instead of chasing the Abada.

Just before midday, the group witnesses the passing of a huge herd if Wildebeast to the south. An hour later, they come across a dried up watering hole. The earth around it cracked and battered by the passage of the recent herd. The muddy water is guarded by a grumpy and recently fed crocodile. With a little magickal distraction, the group are able to give their pack animals a short break and restock their water supplies.

Many hours later, as the group begins to set up camp for the night. They are set upon and surrounded by a group of Mwangi tribesmen. Their leader, an angry youth accompanied by a Vulture companion, names them thieves and violators of their pact with the Wachibi. After an initial hostile standoff, the more level headed members of the group are able to diffuse the situation and discover the source of the tribes grievance. The previous day, the hunting party had come across their campsite but left them be. In the morning when they found the remains of a Mneri Antelope in the abandoned campsite, they resolved to track the Wachibi and confront them.

The group are revealed to be from a tribe of the Bas’O people. Those who hold ownership of the Mneri plains as of an old truce with the Sargavan government. As part of the truce, all animals on the plains belong to the Bas’O due to their spiritual and economic significance. The life of the Antelope Mal slew, could have provided life to one of the Bas’O or to another creature the plainsmen hold dear. Thus, Mal’s life is subject to the trial of the circle: a fight to the death with another Bas’O warrior to determine who is the righteous party.

When the Bas’O are convinced that they are simple travelers and not Poachers, the group tries to talk the tribe into accepting a peaceful solution. But when Mal realises that the trial of the circle is essentially a pit fight, he eagerly volunteers. Pitted against the leader of these Bas’O, Mal is able to use the lessons he learned from his fight with Bruks to overcome his opponent. But refuses to kill him, placing the young man in his debt. The group then apologises for their ignorance and offer an equivalent weight in food and water, which the Mwangi refuse as the matter had been settled. In gratitude for his life, the hunting parties leader describes to the group several local landmarks to look out for in order to keep themselves from becoming lost.

With the conflict resolved, the two groups share a meal and enjoy a duet performance of Lamiel and one of the plainsmen. The hunting parties leader reveals himself to be the third son of his tribes chieftain, and warns the group of another tribe whose hunting grounds they will have to cross to get to Kalabuto: the Lion tribe. He tells how they have been more aggressive to other tribes of late, after one of their sacred totema and several of their hunters were slain by a warrior from another tribe. He says that many of his elders have felt strange things walking the earth this season. Men who walk the path of evil spirits, strange beasts new to this land and ancient creatures who wear the faces of men. He shares a prayer to his ancestors with Ta’var, that the rains bring with them better omens of things to come…

21st day of Arodatus

The group awakens to find that their plains dwelling friends had left at first light, having said their farewells to Ta’var and Lamiel. The group finds the morning sun particularly oppressive as they make use of the locals directions. Despite the liberal usage of cooling and pace increasing spells, the intense heat stifles their spirits and progress. An affliction seemingly shared by the myriad of creatures that rest in the limited shade. They see more Wildebeast and antelope, lazily keeping an eye on them at a distance. As well as strange striped and huge long necked horses that Ta’Var calls Zebra and Giraffe.

Later that day, the wide open ground allows them to see before they encounter the smoke of a wild  fire. A common enough occurrence in the dry season. They move to try and avoid it’s path and go around, but it spreads disturbingly quickly across the tinder dry grass. As the looming column of smoke gets closer, moving to cut them off, they see strange swirling patterns in the embers. Life like shapes of flame dancing along the expanding edge of the wild fire, burning with glee. Identifying the occurrence as being caused by wild fire elementals, Ta’var moves to protect the party with a shield of water elementals. But their terrified pack animals have to be restrained and dosed with Krens Panacea.

Seeing a barrier to their fun, the wild Fire elementals clash with Ta’Vars water elementals. Causing a sheet of steam and smoke to batter the defenders and cause then to cough. In a moment of genius, Kren uses his bombs and Yaseens Pyromancy to burn up the oxygen fueling the Fire elementals. Allowing Ta’Vars torrent of summoned water elementals to drive them back. The creatures then start to go around, following the path of least resistance.

The rest of the days travel is less exciting in comparison. Though the group does have to go out if their way to avoid the remaining embers, and scorched earth. They make camp early on the edge of a dried up and abandoned watering hole. With a night of painful coughing and itching burn wounds, very few of the group sleep well. During the night, Lamiel and Ta’Var halt their evening game of Ludos to watch from inside their expedition pavilion as a lone Lion stalks the edges of their camp. Smelling the pack mules, the lean beast creeps into camp. Only to jump a good 4 feet in the air as Ta’Var Summons Ose’Kaa right in front of him. Letting out a yowling that wakes everyone up, the feline rapidly retreats back into the night. Ose’Kaa, amused, says that he can’t wait to tell his friend Mogwa about this.

22nd Day of Arodatus

That morning everyone is a little fatigued from a night of coughing, bad dreams and yowling big cats. After drinking the last of the Mwangi coffee, the group packs up camp and sets off again. As they follow Krens compass heading, a large Kopje carved with the face of a lion appears on the horizon. This jutting rockface is one of the landmark the vulture tribe gave the group, warning travelers of their passage into Lion tribe territory.

The group passes a number of big game carcasses, from elephants to rhinoceros. Vultures and Hyenas fighting over the bones and scrap meat. Worried that the aggressive tribe might see them as poachers, the group stows their ranged weapons in the saddlebags and keep their weapons sheathed. As they pass through the dry grasslands and sporadic copses of trees, they begin to get the impression that they are being watched by more than just the animals they pass that keep a wary distance. Shortly before lunch they find the sunbaked and maggot infested corpses of men in bloodstained khakis, strung up on a trees in the shadow of the Kopje. At the base of each tree lay an animal skull, some with showing puncture wounds from crossbows and firearms. Taking the fate of these poachers as a warning, the group skips lunch and presses on. Making all haste to reach friendlier lands.

As the midday heat begins to subside, the group stops to rest in the shade of a large baobab tree. They are treated to the spectacle of a trio of Lioness, as they stalk and bring down a wildebeast from a passing herd. Ose’Kaa catches a glimpse of their local escort, but Ta’var decides that telling the others of their tail would make them twitchy and provoke a confrontation with the Mwangi. So the group continues on, largely unaware of the people keeping an eye on them. When they later come across another dried watering hole , the Bas’O confront them as they attempt to refill their canteens.

The tribesman faces decorated with war paint, patterned after whiskers and fangs. The group consists of angry looking youths armed with spears and slings. They seem very wary of Ta’var and Ose’Kaa in particular, and shout him down when he tries to speak. Their leader steps forward carrying a musket with a bayonet attached, brandishing it like a spear. Lamiel tries to be diplomatic and offers them a share of their supplies of equal worth to the water they have taken, but the Bas’O tell her that it is not about the water. The leader repeats what the vulture tribe leader told them, that one of the Lion tribes totema had been slain a few weeks earlier by a Mwangi man that none of them had seen before. Scouts reported the man used strange magicks and slew those that tried to prevent him from desecrating the corpse of the Totema.

They suspect Ta’var is this strange man, due to his half-elf heritage and his command over a Chipekwe. And it takes several moments of tense diplomacy while they convince that Ta’var couldn’t be the one they are looking for and that they themselves had been following and attempting to undo the actions of this Mwangi practitioner. The Bas’O refuse to believe their perceived lies at first until a loud and fearsome roar overrules their dispute. When Kren asked what made that noise, the Bas’O take their genuine alarm to mean that they have never heard the roar of their Totema before and decide that they may be telling the truth. The tribesmen apologise for their actions, but still insist on escorting the group of well armed strangers out of their territory.

The rest of the day passes in uneasy silence as the wary Lion tribe escorts them to the edge of their range. Lamiel uses her charms to wrangle a few rumours along the way. From piecing together second hand reports, she confirms the suspicions that the one who killed the Totema was Jigeke. As he supposedly uses a spear to slay the huge animal in one strike and harvested the corpses eyes, heart, and jaw bone. She also hears of clashes with poachers, where the demand for ivory and pelts has caused certain Wachibi to try and steal from the Bas’O. Though they are hesitant to tell a lady what they do to those they catch. The other main topic seems to be rumors that the Mzali are disrupting trade around Kakabuto, and may be gathering their warriors to attack the city again. The Bas’O trade with both people’s and thus claim neutrality in the matter. They do however disagree with the dishonourable tactics employed by both cities.

The Tribesmen leave them as dusk falls and the wary travelers set up camp in the shadow of a small Kopje. Deprived of local game, the group has an unsatisfactory meal of trail rations washed down with more of the Dwarven ale. They talk and speculate on the journey ahead. But are careful not to talk of the next leg of their journey in front of Lamiel. They are reminded that with the Pathfinder lodge in Kalabuto closed due to the threat of war with Mzali, they can only hope that their contact in the city can provide them with what they need.

Day 23 

The next day, the group packs up their gear early and sets off hoping to reach Kalabuto by nightfall. After watering the pack animals and eating a light breakfast, they prepare themselves with the familiar magicks for keeping cool and break camp. Inspired by Lamiels lively tunes, the group sets a good pace and are able to make out the treelike surrounding the Korir river by mid morning. After spying a number of termite mounds that try were told to look out for, the group swings more to the north. Aiming for where the distant jungle is interrupted and flanked by areas of farmland and plantations.

As the group passes through a small cactus forest on a dusty hill, they keep seeing movement at the edges of their vision. The Cacti with the strange roots and golden spines pique Krens curiosity. But when the group attempts to get close enough for a look, the animate plants surprise them all by uprooting themselves and hopping away. Now desperately wanting to examine one of these ‘frog cacti’, Kren convinces Mal to assist him in capturing a specimen. Unfortunately, Mal trips when attempting to flank one. Causing it to jump instinctively in the opposite direction, granting Kren a closer look than he’d wanted.

As signs of other travelers on the Dry reddish soil become too many to count, the plateau on which Kalabuto sits cones into view. As they get closer they can see more and more of the ancient ruins that the city is built open, surrounded by a light layer of jungle and then plantations of bananas and Pineapples for miles. As they get closer, they begin to see Mwangi working the fields of the Manor houses and ranches surrounding the cities outskirts. They see the dust kicked up by a few distant columns of people, either merchant caravans or military patrols keeping the peace.

As the signs of life become more and more prominent, the group comes across a timid pack mule on it’s own. It’s saddlebags loose and torn, with parts dragging on the floor. Unable to calm it down, the creature flees from then in a panic when they try and get close. A short time later they see why.

Atop one ominous rise was a large and thick boughed tree, from which were hung the corpses of half a dozen men. As the group approached, they saw signs of a struggle in the surrounding earth. With the clothes and skin colour and marking the victims as traveling Sargavan merchants, the stench of the corpses was unbearable in the midday heat. With the sound of flies clearly audible from several feet away several members of the group decided to take pity on the poor souls, and moved to cut them down. They failed to notice upon their approach that the base of the tree had strange patterns burnt into the bark and bones arranged around it in an eery fashion. Focused instead on the sign dangling from around one of the dead merchants bloated necks. The sign read ‘Death tu Invadaz! Praze tu Walkena!’, it’s letters crudely carved in the  common alphabet as a warning to Sargavan citizens.

When they got close enough, the eight corpses suddenly dropped from the bough’s. Eight vine chords snapping in unison. Before the group could react from the shock, the bent and broken bodies lifted themselves from the ground and began to amble forward. Ta’var was the first to recover, and he called Ose’Kaa from the other realms to protect the group. The Eidolon pounced on the nearest of the animated corpses and bore it to the ground with his weight and crushing the abominations skull with his heavy clawed hoof. With her Elven reflexes, Lady Lamiel was next to react, placing an arrow in one hauntingly empty eye socket with practiced ease. The former merchants lunged towards the group, but their ragged nails and fetid teeth were slow and clumsy. After shrugging off the body blow of a charging zombie, Mal drew his great sword with a flourish of it’s magical glow and promptly took the head from the offending abomination. But with only two downed, the remaining six zombies  began to surround those nearest the tree.

Whilst clutching the symbol of his faith, Yaseen babbled out an incomprehensible prayer in celestial. With a gesture, a wave of positive energy burst out from his outstretched palm: incinerating the creatures with the holy power of his faith. Burnt and broken, the bodies of  the unfortunate souls fell to the ground and Yaseen began reciting a prayer of purification. Only for one zombie with half it’s face consumed by flame to lunge at him. Having thought the abomination finished, Yaseen barely had time to raise his arms in defence. But luckily, Kren had seen the zombies intent and embedded his trusty magic dagger in it’s temple with a well timed throw.

Disturbed by the fate of the merchants, the group examined the enchantments worked into the tree. They identified the Juju cursing the tree as a type that bound spirits to animate the dead hung from it’s branches. Those who created the cursed tree, designed to not only install fear by displaying their victims but to also set a trap for those who would put the bodies to rest. At first they suspect Jigeke, but even the most unskilled outdoorsman could tell from the number of footprints that this was more than the work of one man. Though their use of dark Juju was similar, the warning on the sign made the Mzali the likely suspects. Angered by this senseless murder and desecration, Yaseen and Kren combined their magic’s to burn the tree to a cinder. After saying a prayer for the cremated bodies, the group presses on in the direction of Kalabuto while the group pools their knowledge on the situation on Kalabuto.

Mzali was just another ruin inhabited by an aggressively anti-colonial tribe until the awakening of the cities patron: Walkena, the child god. Since then it has thwarted attempts by the Sargavan military to crush it infiltrate the city and it’s aggressive stance has drawn thousands of Mwangi to it’s banner. Walkena’s Missionaries have riled up populations in revolt all over Sargava for years and it’s armies have sacked Kalabuto on three separate occasions. The Mzali are known for attacking Wachibi on sight and a state of open warfare have existed between the two cities for close to a century, with the natives strange magicks and sheer numbers fighting the better equipped colonials to a standstill.

As the group reaches the roads around Kalabuto, they find many of the buildings on the outskirts abandoned or burned to the ground. They pass another hill with a Several burned stumps and a series of grave markers.They see the approaching column of the Sargavan guard long before they come upon them, their polished armor glittering despite the late afternoon sun. The soldiers are the same ones they had seen at a distance, earlier that day but had obviously spied the smoke from their bonfire and had changes their route to investigate. After Lamiel suggests that Mal be on his best behaviour, the group takes care to look nonthreatening as the contingent reach their position. After exchanging introductions, Yaseen informs the contingents officer of the fate of the merchant caravan. Upset by more deaths on his watch, the guardsman insists upon providing your group with an escort to to ensure that they safely reach the city before nightfall. And so the last few hours of the journey is completed in the company of half a dozen jumpy colonial youths, obviously new to their armour and weapons.

Tired and weary, the group finally reaches the outer fortifications of Kalabuto’s west gate just as the sun sets. After an exchange of papers, the group parts ways with their traveling companion: the Lady Lamiel. Who excuses herself from the group to present herself to her patron. Thanking the gentlemen for their chivalry in escorting a Lady home, Lamiel promises to send a courier to arrange lunch to their lodgings in the morn. The group then heads to the Shrunken Head Tavern, where they were told to meet their contact in the city: Cheitan Macgreevey. After stopping to trade a few coppers for directions, the fatigued travelers find their way to the riverside tavern and celebrate their successful journey over a well earned pint of the local ale.


The Expeditions to Savith-Yhi

Pathfinder Society/ Sargavan Government

This expedition is a joint venture. With the pathfinder society getting all the acclaim and the givernment getting a chance to estabilish a new outpost.
The Pathfinder Society has assigned Amivaur Glaur to lead the expedition, and has committed a number of trained scribes and archaelogists to the venture. The Pathfinders also have access to powerful magickal artifacts and spellcasters, as well as original tomes not foundin the custodial library. The Baron Custodian has assigned Major Havilar and his contigent of the Sargavan expeditionary to provide military support for the expedition. They add trained scouts and quartermasters to the expedition staff. The Andoran Ambassador has supplied the group with a number of mounts and pack animals by way of gratitude. Notable other members of the expedition include Pezock the Tengu and Jask Derindi.

The allied expedition plans to to use Kalabuto as a staging point, but has sent a Trailblazer group ahead of the main expedition in order to explore Tazion and find the way to Savith-Yhi. The Pathfinders have left a supply cache and arranged to hire transport up the Korir River after the group reaches Kalabuto. Acting on the advice if their guide, the group has decided to make for the Ntele gap and proceed directly accross the open Mneri Plains.

The Aspis Consortium

Dargan Etters, the head of consortium operations in the Expanse has begun preparing an expedition to the expanse in Bloodcove with the intention of using the Aspis controlled waterways in the Western expanse. Considering his talents and reputation, it is safe to assume that his knowledge of Savith-Yhi may equal that of the allied expedition. Making his organization their principle rival in the race to claim Savith-Yhi.

He is also reputed to have recently met with the Nediogalti ambassador, the head of the Ivory cross mercenary guild and several prominent members of the Free Captains. Possibly in regards to forming an alliance to counter the Pathfinders own merger with the Sargavan government.

Dargans second in command, Ivo Haidan was spotted impersonating a Sargavan guard during the Freeman Revolt. Testimomy from Mae’Lok indicates that the Consortium may have had a hand in triggering the unrest which caused the Pathfinder warehouse to be attacked by arsonists and members of their staff taken hostage and in the case of Gelik, killed.

The Serpentfolk

The Serpentfolk known as Iaena Ozarth aka Yarzoth, instigated the Jenevieres Marooning on the Smuggler’s Shiv. She is known to have mentally coerced or negotiated with a group of Cannibalistic Chelish survivors to gain access to an ancieny serpentfolk temple. Whereby, she used the knowledge to gain access to the Temple of Zura under Red mountain. The survivors of the Jeneviere confronted her there, but she killed herself rather than face capture. Her last words were “There will be others like me, all hail the Headless King!”

After translating her recovered notes, the group gained the first clues as to the location of Savith-Yhi. Unsure of what to make of these events, the Pathfinders told the group how one of their ex-members had believed that there was whole cities of Serpentfolk deep in slumber waiting for some sign to awaken. Nkechi later showed the group in the dreamtime that the head of the fallen serpentfolk god Ydersius is believed to be somewhere in the lost city.

Thus it is believed that there may be other Serpentfolk agents out there seeking a way to Savith-Yhi. Possibly even amoung the other expeditions.

Free Captains

Kassata Lewyn, captain of the Last Hurrah and old friend to Aerys Mavayo recently journeyed to the Smugglers Shiv with her ward. Buying up all the adventuring gear in the Sargava Club before she left. Captain Lewyn is known to be ambitious and very capable, seeking the kinds of looy that would earn her a place on the brethren court and an island to call her own.

Other members of the Free Captains such as Alixandru ‘Plat-Beard’ Peat have also expressed interest in providing their mercenary services to groups such as the Aspis Consortium or the Sargavan Government. And of course where there is treasure, Pirates won’t be far behind.

Other Factions

No faction has yet Revealed to be responsible for the kidnapping of Wikus Van Der Waal, the Pathfinder scribe who translated Yarzoths notes. He went missing during the Freemans Revolt.

Apollo Napoelis deserted the allied expedition the day before it left, taking with him various maps of the expanse and copies of Yarzoths notes. A mercenary at heart, Apollo is likely to have sold what he knows to the highest bidder. Likely suspects include the Aspis Consortium or a representative of a foreign power.

Expedition Pavilion

Chapter 2 - Racing to Ruin sath