Cooking with Mal

From the author who brought you The Island Cookbook...


Cuisine a la Valeros
(The Menu, Tracks monsters each session and their edibility)

Shiv Loaf
5lb Shiv Dragon
1/2 cup of breadcrumbs
Spices – To taste

This is a simple dish that will fill a whole party of adventurers and give them a decent meal
Delishious with a side salad of jungle leaves and fruit

Cliff Chicken Dippers

Cliff Chicken Korma

Half Roast Boar (Greatsword cleaved)

Ants Leg Broth

Middle Ocean Giant Crab Stuffed Shell


The Stock Room
(Tracks food resources)

4x Dependants (Ignore Tavar)
0x Pets (fend for themselves)
3x Mules (graze for food, approx 10-15 gallons water consumption per day)
96x Rations (Rate of 5x per day)
10x Waterskins (Rate of 10x per day)
Create water generates approximately 80x waterskins per day (20 gallons)
2x Spare Barrels (for rainwater collection)
147x Mugs of Dwarven Ale (20 gallons)
0.75x Sack of Salt
20 Gallons of Water

The Back Page
(Mal’s Kill Counter)

Werehyena x1
Sea Scorpions x5
Giant Medusa Spider x1
Spider Swarm x1
Fang Bird x1
Ghoul x2
Shiv Dragon x1
Skeleton x2
Skeleton Lord x1
Boa Constrictor x1
Harpy x1
Ghost of Captain Kinkarion x1
Vegie Pygmy x1
Slime Mold x1
Spawn of Cth V’sug x1
Shark x2
Giant Crab x1
Giant Ant x3
Thrunefangs x 1
Earth Elemental x1
Pirates x4
Bekyar Slavers x2
Monkeys x33
Klorak the Red (Thrunefang) x1
Salt Wight x4
Kairn Wight Miniboss x1
Geier x1
Chemosit x1
Dimetrodon skeleton x1

Total: 77

Cooking with Mal

Chapter 2 - Racing to Ruin Dragonhost