Wikus van der waal

Pathfinder translator. Deciphered Yarzoths notes.


One of the Eleder Lodges most skilled scribes and translators. He worked on translating the the Serpentfolk’s Yarzoths notes that were recovered from the Shiv. It was his knowledge of the dead language of Aklo and the subdialect of Ophidian, that revealed the location of Tazion.

Wikus went missing during the Freeman revolt, his quarters showing signs of a struggle. It was assumed at the time that someone had kidnapped him, to use his knowledge for the expedition.
However, several weeks later his neighbours returned to the room when it began to stink. Underneath the floorboards, the City guard found the body of Wikus and determined that he had died a week before the riots had even began. The body was strangely preserved and had numerous large snake bite wounds down one arm. The cause of death was massive organ failure from an unknown poison, but the autopsy revealed muscled atrophy and malnutrition.

Stranger still, was the collection of discarded human skins folded neatly and preserved in pickling jars.


Wikus van der waal

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