Jigeke the Exile

Mwangi Wendifa who is a practitioner of the dark arts of JuJu. Possessed ritualized scarring called the 'Mark of the Exile' by the Zenj.


Described as a tall and intensely dark skinned Mwangi. He is described as carrying a shield and wearing simple travel clothing, both adorned with a myriad of fetishes, pouches and Gris-Gris. He has a tattoo on his cheek that announces him as an exile of the Zenj people.

All contact the group has had with Jigeke has been indirect and through others. He seems to act as a mystical arms merchant. Trading tokens of power to other parties in exchange for unknown payments. However, his trade with certain factions and their subsequent interaction with the party could be considered advantageous to some other groups. So it begs the question: is Jigeke working towards some larger purpose?

Known Activities.

He was observed by Mae’lok to be associating with the Bekyar and their slaving operations in Grallus lock. Shortly after this operation was disrupted by elements of the party, the pathfinder warehouse was attacked by Tuyavera, killing many workers before the same group put them down. Outside the group found discarded pouches containing a grey poweder which their contact identified as containing the ashes of the undead creatures original tongues and legs. He speculated that the Bekyar didn’t have access to the skills of a Wendifa required to create a Tuyavera and that they had likely traded the control talismans of an independent agent.

Monster activity in the Ntele gap has been noticeably increasing this dry season. Disrupting overland trade and the livelihood of the town of Freehold in particular. The folk of Freehold note that the increase in monster activity coincided with the arrival of a mysterious travelling shaman who many saw talking to the Mayor. It is later revealed that he granted the interim Mayor Sagranth the means to incapacitate his aunt and take over the town. The first object he provided was a cursed idol that acted as a ‘Monster Lure’ which was placed conspicuously amoungst the Macini families collection of Mwangi art. In addition, he provided Sagranth with three months worth of Oil of Taggitt, disguised in medical bottles. Oil of Taggitt is a known to be used by slavers to pacify unruly slaves and kidnap people. What Jigeke traded in return for these items is unknown (for now).

Three weeks prior to the parties arrival, a man matching his description was denied sanctuary to the Zenj village of Nandi. He met with the Shaman briefly, but was promptly cast out when she saw the colour of his magic. He seemed particularly interested in trading for the spear of their ancestral hero Chapakwe, a relic that could supposedly ‘slay any beast’.
Shortly after he left, the village suffered two curses.
The first was a pair of Chemosits that moved into the nearby jungle who begin picking off the villagers and even killed both of the shamans apprentices.
The second was a plague of black blood fever which seemed to defy normal remedies and killed several of the weaker villagers. The was revealed to be caused by an Acheri Fetish, which had been placed in the thatching of a hut near the towns water supply.
In addition, upon confronting th Chemosits, the group found the broken remnants of a forgery of the Spear of Chapakwe. Implying that the original was switched with a fake before the apprentices tried to fight the Chemosits.

He could have also possibly been responsible for conjuring the fire elementals that lit a grass fire that the group had to avoid.He riled up the Lion tribe of the Bas’O, by slaying one of their Totema (Dire Lion) and desecrating its corpse, this lead to a retalitory slaying of several Colonial Poachers before they realized that it was the work of a lone traveller. The weapon used was in fact a Mwangi leaf spear of Zenj design.


Jigeke the Exile

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